Do NOT do this as a business owner | Vavoza Insider letter (7/19/22)

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Hey, it’s Vlad.

I was just optimizing some of our agency clients’ campaigns and thought why not share a quick tip with our awesome Vavoza subscribers.

Nobody likes to be told what to do (or what not to do for that matter) but I’m gonna go ahead and tell you anyway because I believe this is important and completely underrated by many entrepreneurs and marketers.

I highly advise you to NOT do this:

Do NOT prioritize your own ambition to earn more money above your clients’ needs.

As an agency owner and marketer that manages hundreds of ad campaigns for clients at any given moment, I’m in a position where I’m able to control how much we earn from each client on any particular day by adjusting how much they spend per day on advertising. I’m able to do so because we typically charge a certain percentage of ad-spend as a service fee (so the more our clients spend, the more we earn).

And guess what… there has NEVER been a single moment since I started my agency where I chose to increase a client’s ad-spend just to earn more money in a day or month. The ONLY reason I ever increase ad-spend is to reach the desired marketing objectives for our clients.

In fact, as our clients know very well, we prefer to underspend rather than overspend. We run most campaigns under the budget if it means delivering better performance for our clients.

Our clients want to spend more money daily (and remember, the more they spend the more we earn) but we deliberately prevent campaigns from spending money if we believe that increased spending will decrease performance, even if the client gives us a green light to spend as much as we see fit.

It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever for me to do so as an entrepreneur trying to earn a living, right?

On top of that, I don’t recall ever charging our clients extra for consultations or other services that we deliver on top of managing ad campaigns.

Silly me, huh?

For the record, there’s nothing wrong with charging fees for your services.

However, I’m a HUGE believer in putting clients’ needs first and overdelivering.

Yes, this means missing out on some profit and going out of our way to serve our clients without charging extra fees for every little service. This has been my approach since day 1 of starting my company and what I’m instilling in all our agency team members above everything else.

Today I’m fortunate to have an awesome team helping me serve our clients but when I just started my agency, I was the one doing all the work myself, from important income-producing work and services to little things here and there that one would consider a waste of time as well as extra services that most would say I shouldn’t have done for free.

Here is the payoff:

It’s an understatement to say that this “client-first” approach has been serving me and our company incredibly well over the years.

I lose track of how often our clients tell us how much they appreciate our conscientious approach to running campaigns and everything that we do for them.

Many of our clients trust us enough to allow us to choose how much money to spend on their behalf per day and per month on ads. This level of trust comes ONLY when clients genuinely feel that you have their best interests in mind and when they know for a fact that you put their needs above your own ambitions.

This level of trust and respect comes when you constantly overdeliver and go out of your way to serve your clients.

We’ve only been taking on new clients that are referred to us by our existing clients for quite some time now and we don’t even need to ask our clients to refer us to people, they do it organically and passionately (even when we ask them not to).

We feel free. Our clients give us full control over their campaigns, never bother micromanaging us, and treat us with mutual respect.

Tell me that^ is not worth it if you dare 🙂


You can agree or disagree with me but this is my way of doing business. I couldn’t care less about missing out on some extra profit for the sake of serving our clients and building solid, long-term, win-win relationships.

I could share a lot more examples about how this approach served me over the years to add to this point but I’ll leave it at that- I think you got my point.

From my experience, it’s absolutely worth prioritizing clients’ needs above my own ambitions and I highly recommend you consider doing the same.

Take care of your clients and they’ll take care of you 🙂

Be blessed,

Vlad Strizheus
President, Vavoza

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