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LinkedIn Outreach Tips For Modern Hustlers

As modern entrepreneurs and marketers, we come up with ideas. We invest time and money into the creation of the product or the perfection of the service. We register the business and secure the domain. We build the website and brag to our loved ones that we are now business owners.

But how do we generate income? We find people who are potentially interested in what we have to offer – interested enough to pull out their wallets. But where can those people be found?

There are hundreds of ways to generate leads, but today, we’d like to talk about a tactic that involves one big business social media platform. As you most likely guessed, LinkedIn is the platform, and the tactic is called LinkedIn Outreach, which is the process of using LinkedIn to connect and network with potential investors, consumers, and like-minded people.

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Why Use LinkedIn For Cold Outreach?

1) Professional search tools: LinkedIn makes it easy to search for prospects who meet your exact criteria, like industry, age group, experience level, and location. It also offers a paid tool called LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which is specifically designed for sales professionals and narrows your search using relevant sources, network data, and preferences.

2) Business-oriented audience: LinkedIn is a social media network that focuses on business connections rather than personal ones. While most big SM platforms are designed for entertainment and staying in touch with friends and family, LinkedIn focuses on connecting people with those who may benefit them from a professional standpoint; however, it certainly finds a place for humor, but it is presented in a much more professional way.

But back to the business-oriented audience – people who use LinkedIn are not there for fun; they are there because they either need something or have something to offer. 

3) Flexibility for personalization: Whether you want to be super direct with your sales or nurture your lead for some time before introducing your product or service – LinkedIn welcomes both. They also introduced AI-powered products to help streamline and automate personalization.

Pro Tips For LinkedIn Outreach

  • Clear Intentions that offer value: When reaching out to a potential consumer, make sure your message outlines your clear intentions. With so many scams going around, people are skeptical of unknown messages, and you will increase your chances of a response if you are honest and transparent with your intentions, keep your message concise, and offer a solution to a potential problem your recipient might be having.

  • Be mindful of timing: As we mentioned previously, LinkedIn is a business social media platform. According to an article from Buffer, LinkedIn gets the most engagement during regular business hours. Being mindful and respectful of your prospects’ time zones will gain you bonus points with your recipients when using LinkedIn outreach – small details like day of week and time of day matter.

  • Build a relationship and follow up: Just like any other lead, the leads you reach out to through LinkedIn need to be nurtured. Having a rapport with any prospect will thin out the ice between you and your future client, allowing you to follow up without awkwardness or offer them other products or services in the future.

    People get sales offers constantly, so making a purchase might not be so memorable; however, a positive emotion from the interaction or process is one of the main factors of a successful sale and an increased retention rate. Be mindful of your interactions with customers, and remember that you and your brand represent each other!

Closing Remarks

When done correctly, LinkedIn Outreach is a great way to build relationships and connections with those who will pull out their wallets at the end of the interaction. The pro tips above add to one another and will help you create a good LinkedIn reputation, gain leads, and increase your success rate.

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Discover unique ways to get more leads and customers and grow your business faster and better!

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Subscribe to Vavoza Insider and receive actionable marketing tips, insights, and ideas in your email

Discover unique ways to get more leads and customers and grow your business faster and better!