Minimalism in marketing | Vavoza Insider letter (9/17/21)

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Fun fact: Every single person that walks into my home can’t help but react to the emptiness of the place and say “you’re crazy, Vlad!”…

Why am I telling you this strange fact (you may be wondering…)?

Allow me to explain 🙂

In this Vavoza Insider letter, I’m going to talk about a subject that is very important to me personally (as well as professionally) and I will explain why you may want to consider what I’m about to share with you in your marketing efforts and business.

Of course, the subject of matter is minimalism – the sacred ideology that “less is more”.

I am what one would consider excessively minimalistic (although I would argue that I’m reasonably minimalistic…lol).

My minimalism is not a preference in style or a trend that I choose to follow after being inspired by some celebrity, it’s actually caused by mild OCD.

(I should probably mention that a lot of people like to say “I have OCD” nowadays without realizing what it actually means to have OCD, which can to an extent positively impact certain areas of life but is also quite destructive in other areas. But that’s a whole other subject that I’m not gonna bore you with today…)

And of course, I’m not going to preach or tell you that you should become a minimalist in this letter. Everyone has their own lifestyle preferences and your preferences are your personal business.

But here’s what I will say (brace yourself, we’re about to discuss some advanced stuff):

Minimalism can significantly improve the performance of your marketing campaigns. Specifically, minimalism as it relates to page design, structure, sales copy, and overall sales funnel and presentation flow.

A clean and simple look and a well-structured presentation create something in people’s minds called “cognitive ease” – the opposite of “cognitive dissonance” or mental stress.

Why is this good?

First of all, most (if not all) sales techniques create a certain level of cognitive dissonance in people’s minds. Yes, even the “sell without selling” types of sales techniques. A person may not even realize it but their subconscious mind picks up on the sales techniques and goes into a defensive mode, creating cognitive dissonance as a result.

As your leads go deeper into your sales funnel, their mental stress levels increase. In fact, cognitive dissonance is one of many variables that contributes to what’s known as “drop-off rates” in marketing.

Let’s use a webinar funnel as an example and explore how cognitive dissonance plays a role in drop-off rates step-by-step in different stages of the sales funnel.

(Obviously, there are many other variables that impact drop-off rates such as a) losing interest in the content, b) irrelevant content, c) life getting in the way, d) not willing or able to purchase the product, and so forth, however, we’ll only focus on cognitive stress for this example).

Stage 1. People register for a free training webinar and enter your sales funnel.

Stage 2. You start sending them reminders to attend the webinar. Their subconscious minds already perceive this as a pushy sales technique and start going into defensive mode.

Stage 3. Only a percentage of the initial registrants show up for the webinar. This is the first major drop-off in the funnel (not counting people that start ignoring your reminder emails, texts, or notifications).

Stage 4. As you start framing your webinar attendees for the upcoming pitch, their subconscious minds start picking up on more sales techniques before they consciously know what’s happening and people start leaving the webinar before even seeing the call-to-action (CTA).

Stage 5. You start delivering the pitch to the people that are still on the webinar. More people start jumping off as their mental stress levels increase significantly.

Stage 6. A number of people click on the CTA link and go to a sales page or checkout page. Some complete the transaction but most leave the page without buying. At this point, their cognitive stress is peaking and it’s very easy to cave into the mental stress and leave the page, much easier than making a purchase decision.

Get it? You see what I mean when I say cognitive stress contributes to drop-off rates, right?

And yes, I’ll say it again, there are obviously many other variables that contribute to drop-off rates. This is actually another reason why you should do whatever it takes to create cognitive ease in the minds of your leads as much as possible, including being minimalistic.

Now let’s talk about what it means “to be minimalistic” in marketing and business.

Here are some minimalistic ideas that you can implement in your business:

  • Simplify your headlines and paragraphs and make them shorter. Use bullet points and other formatting options to make your text easy to read and understand.

  • Speak to your target audience very clearly and let them know exactly what you can do for them without overcomplicating it and without requiring them to put in any effort to figure out what you’re all about.

  • Make your website very easy to navigate with a clear menu and appropriate buttons and hyperlinks when applicable.

  • Use images and videos with simple, non-busy backgrounds.

  • Use simple backgrounds on your website and sales funnel pages. Your text, videos, CTAs, and other elements should stand out and be very easy to see.

  • Make sure there is sufficient space between different sections, rows, and elements on your site and funnel pages. It should not look cluttered.

  • Make sure your voice is easy to hear and understand and not overpowered by music or other sounds in your marketing and sales videos.

  • Avoid using too much text in your marketing and sales videos. Stick to simple and short callout statements that are easy to read. People should not have to put in any effort whatsoever when watching your videos.

  • Make sure your website is optimized for mobile traffic. Most people will visit your website and sales funnel pages on their mobile devices instead of a laptop or a desktop.

  • Be congruent throughout your website and sales funnels as well as your ads and presentations. This includes your appearance and how you present yourself, your color scheme, text fonts, page structure, and so forth.

Some of these ideas may not be relevant to you, however, I encourage you to think about this subject a bit deeper and I’m sure you will think of your own ideas on how you can improve your business using minimalistic principles.

The subconscious mind has a lot of influence on how a person reacts to and interact with a business, brand, and/or promotion. The subconscious plays a big role in whether people end up going through your sales funnel, resonate with your message, and purchase your product or not.

When your sales funnel design, structure, copy, and flow creates cognitive ease in people’s minds, they feel more relaxed and less stressed both subconsciously and consciously. And as a result, they are much more likely to watch your sales video with an open mind, resonate with your sales script, and go through all your sales funnel steps (which of course means they are also more likely to purchase your product or service).

At Vavoza, we follow minimalistic principles in everything we do in marketing and business as much as possible and we encourage all of our agency clients to do the same because it’s scientific (based on psychology) and it works.

I highly encourage you to consider a minimalistic approach, too!

By the way, forgive my hypocrisy… This letter can totally create a whole lot of cognitive dissonance for some people reading this because this subject is quite advanced and a bit difficult to explain without overcomplicating it. I tried my best to get my point across (without spending all day on this letter…lol) and I hope it makes sense to you.

I hope you enjoyed this content and that you will use this information to get better results in your business and life.

Thanks for reading. We look forward to sharing more content with you soon!

Be blessed,

Vlad Strizheus
President, Vavoza

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