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The Full-Funnel Marketing Strategy

When was the last time you’ve been to a waterpark? You know that huge and awkward funnel-looking water slide (see pic)? After reading this article from Vavoza Insider, you won’t help but think about marketing anytime you go down or see the funnel slide!

Funnel Water Slide

While a funnel might look awkward as a water slide, it is a practical (and not at all awkward) strategy when you look at it from a marketing perspective.

Think of a typical customer journey – exposure, research, purchase, loyalty, and advocacy. When strategically executed in the proper order, these stages of the marketing funnel create a consistent and complete experience for your audience, from mere brand exposure to purchase and loyalty.

That is what we call a full-funnel marketing strategy. Implementing this strategy helps increase brand awareness and recognition, generate more leads, and, of course, increase conversions and repeat purchases.

Unlike a common sales funnel (or pipeline), which is all about pushing sales, full-funnel marketing focuses on the customers’ experience and “sending” marketing messages according to the stage of the journey the customer is currently at – with the ultimate goal of building a loyal brand tribe (and something even better that we will share in this article).

Full Funnel Marketing Strategy

The Six Stages of the Marketing Funnel

Before we explore the six stages of the marketing funnel, it’s worth noting that the customer journey is oftentimes not nearly as linear as expressed in this concept; it can be quite complex, chaotic, and unpredictable.

Nevertheless, we believe it is important for marketers to understand the sequential version of the marketing funnel and its six stages to visualize the customer journey and realize the importance of taking a strategic and deliberate full-funnel approach when building a brand.

Let’s dive into (or rather, “slide” down) each funnel stage now!

1) Exposure and Awareness

The top of the funnel is where you introduce your brand to your target audience. Remember that at this stage, your audience isn’t aware of your brand, so to capture their interest, your message should target either their pain points or dream points through educational (or entertaining) and engaging content.

At this stage, ensure that your top-of-the-funnel promotional content is highly engaging, and put a lot of emphasis on your brand name to create brand recall or brand awareness.

  • One of the most effective and efficient ways to increase brand awareness in 2024 is posting educational or entertaining short-form video content at volume. Consider posting YouTube Shorts, TikToks, and Reels at a minimum once a day.

This is also where you focus on capturing targeted leads in your funnel, so ensure you tell your audience exactly what to do next with a strong call-to-action, such as, “Click the link around this video and fill out the contact form on our website to get your free quote today!”

2) Research and Consideration

At this stage, you have already captured your audiences’ interest (and hopefully their contact information), and it’s time to start building trust and encouraging engagement with correlating follow-up messages and retargeting ads.

This middle-of-the-funnel stage is for building positive rapport, warming up your cold leads, and influencing their consideration to choose your brand, whether it is a standalone option or a difficult choice between you and your competitors.

At this stage, focus on nurturing your audience with valuable content and providing them a pleasant and positive experience with your brand so they feel comfortable and good about interacting with your company.

The experience you create for your audience at this stage largely impacts their subsequent actions as they “slide” further down the marketing funnel.

3) Conversion and Purchase

This is the bottom of the funnel where your audience is already familiar with your brand and hopefully has engaged with your follow-up messages and content. Your leads are now “hot” and ready to bite and complete a purchase.

At this stage, focus on making it easy for your customers to say “Yes!” with an irresistible offer and a straightforward call-to-action. Evaluate your offer by showing your leads the bang they will get for their buck, so to speak. Overcome objections by answering any questions or doubts your leads might have and eliminate any excuses for them to make the purchase.

Create an effortless and streamlined transaction process. Customers shouldn’t have to jump through hoops and loops to complete a transaction!

To maximize conversions, we highly recommend stacking value by bundling your offer with complementary bonuses. We provide many unique ideas for your potential value stack in an upcoming Vavoza Insider Plus release (coming in May).

4) Loyalty and Retention

This is where the marketing funnel gets very interesting (and advanced). This stage, deeper than the bottom of the funnel, is for brands aiming to increase customer retention, encourage repeat purchases, and, most importantly, create a loyal brand tribe.

At this stage, focus on maintaining the quality level of your products, content, and all customer interaction points. Request feedback from your customers and become obsessed with improving your product or service based on their feedback. Show your customers that you truly care about them and the integrity of your brand.

Find unique ways to engage with your audience – share engaging content, invite customers to participate in special events, give away free prizes, include your customers in some of your business decisions, etc. Have fun with your community while serving them like nobody else can, and make your community know and feel that they are your brand.

This stage is all about converting customers into fans. This stage is more difficult than the preceding 3 stages to execute, but it is also the most rewarding in the long run.

5) Advocacy and Multiplication

Finally, far deeper than the bottom of the traditional marketing funnel comes the stage where your customers love your products and brand so much that they feel compelled to tell everyone about it.

At this stage, continue doing what you did in the fourth stage with one small adjustment: encourage or inspire your community to spread the word about your brand.

You can do this by incentivizing your customers with exclusive deals and discounts, offering a lucrative referral program, or simply being so damn good at what you do that your customers don’t need any incentives to promote your brand.

How do you get customers to fall in love with your brand so much that they market it for you? The best way to achieve advocacy is by helping your customers get exactly what they want, aka results!

Whatever it is that your customers are hoping to achieve by getting into bed with your brand, that is what you must focus on helping them achieve. Passionate advocacy and customer multiplication will happen naturally as you help your customers get results.

Vavoza Marketing Funnel

6) Market Dominance and Impact

This ultra-advanced stage of the marketing funnel is for the few brands that successfully execute every preceding stage of the funnel and achieve market dominance. This stage is so deep in the marketing funnel that, if we are sticking to the water slide analogy, it would be at the bottom of the swimming pool.

At this stage, your brand is at the top of the food chain, so to speak, with a loyal brand tribe that passionately markets your brand on your behalf on a massive scale. Your focus becomes staying at the top of consumers’ minds by reaching as many people as possible with unique, creative, engaging, and impactful content.

At this level, brands incorporate trending social causes and political agendas into their marketing messages. Why? Because they have such a large and engaged customer base, they can impact a large population of society and, sometimes, the entire world.

Achieving enough market dominance to impact society is the ultimate goal for an ambitious entrepreneur and brand – but it all starts with the first stage of the marketing funnel and taking a strategic and deliberate full-funnel approach.

Closing Remarks

Full-funnel marketing is undeniably one of the most effective ways to build your brand, but only when your content and engagement are congruent with your audience and the appropriate stage of the funnel.

Be deliberate and strategic at every stage of the funnel, and be mindful of your target audience and their experiences with your brand, and your funnel will do wonders for your brand!

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Discover how to get more leads and customers on demand!