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Think with Team Vavoza (December 2023)

Happy December, Insiders! 🙂

In this month’s edition of Think With Team Vavoza (a special monthly release from Vavoza Insider), we will discuss some key takeaways from 2023.

Our goal is to provide you with practical business and marketing tips and insights that you can use to make 2024 your best year ever.

In this edition, we will feature one of our clients who has seen tremendous growth in his business in 2023. His name is Vivek, and he’s a superstar. We are confident you will get tons of golden nuggets from this read, so dig in and enjoy!

Team Vavoza

Vivek’s 2023 Takeaways

We asked Vivek Mashrani from TechnoFunda Investing to share a few quick bullets of the top business lessons he learned in 2023, and here’s what he had to say:

  1. Think about scalability from Day 1 – make processes and systems that do not falter as you scale;

  2. Delegation of tasks to domain experts is extremely important for business owners;

  3. It is all about keeping it simple, maintaining consistency and at the same time being agile to adapt to changes.

These are powerful takeaways, and in the next section, Vlad Strizheus (the Founder of Vavoza) will expand on Vivek’s key takeaways and explain why they are crucial for your success in 2024.


Vivek Mashrani
TechnoFunda Investing

Vivek Mashrani

Vlad’s Insight

Vivek Mashrani has been our agency’s client for the past 2+ years, and his business, TechnoFunda Investing, has grown tremendously. Vivek is a stock market expert and coach in India, and he consults his students on how to compound their investments.

What I admire about Vivek most is that he’s not just another guru – he actually practices exactly what he teaches and has built an impressive stock portfolio for himself over the years.

Now, let’s expand on Vivek’s 2023 takeaways. Why does Vivek put emphasis on scalability, delegation, simplicity, consistency, and adaptability?

Knowing Vivek’s business and having been fortunate to contribute to his success in the past two years, here are my thoughts on each of his five key takeaways:

1. Scalability

Vivek discovered the massive potential of having a powerful sales system in place. He learned first-hand that without a systematized approach, it’s very difficult to scale a marketing campaign (and his business) quickly and successfully.

So, Vivek put in a lot of work this year to systematize his sales process, which now allows us to spend significantly more on ads and generate more revenue today than ever before.

What is a marketing and sales system? It’s the thing that takes a person from clicking on your ad to converting into your customer. Your system includes a lead magnet, follow-ups, nurture sequences, presentation and pitch, checkout process, tracking, and product delivery (where/how customers access the product).

The best part? Most parts of your sales system can be completely automated or semi-automated (depending on your business model).

It’s worth noting that Vivek was already generating sales before he systematized and automated his processes. If you are a complete beginner without a track record of generating sales, I strongly advise you not to worry about setting up a sales system [yet].

A system is used to scale a working model. If you focus on systems and automation before you have any proof of concept, you may be disappointed (or who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky…).

My advice for beginners? Start with a basic lead magnet. Collect emails in return for something useful, and then follow up and connect with your leads one-on-one. Understand your audience’s needs and desires, and provide a personalized solution like a helpful guide.

2. Delegation

Before partnering with Vavoza, Vivek was a one-man show, and he was making a killing! However, he realized that if he truly wanted to scale his business to the next level, he needed to invest in the right team members and partners.

Therefore, Vivek gave Vavoza a full green light to manage his YouTube ads. This allows him to focus on what he does best (being a stock market genius and helping thousands of investors) while never having to think twice about all the intricacies of managing and optimizing ad campaigns.

As a testament to his commitment, Vivek became an annual client of our agency (meaning, he paid a large lump sum for an entire year of services in advance). 👏

Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs are greedy and stingy, regardless of how successful they are. We’ve been very fortunate with our clients, but we’ve had a couple of instances where clients got greedy and decided to take over our campaigns and run with our setup on their own instead of allowing us to manage them. 

Stingy entrepreneurs simply do not understand the value of delegation and the vital role it plays in scaling a business beyond the “comfortable” stage.

What’s my point? Take it from Vivek who is doing better today than ever before and constantly growing. Don’t be greedy or stingy – invest and delegate!

3. Simplicity

This insight is very underrated. Many entrepreneurs think they need a complex marketing strategy and system to make money and scale up, but that has not been Vivek’s experience (nor mine).

Don’t complicate it. The most important part of your system is your message, the way you communicate with your leads, and your offer. You must genuinely connect with your audience like with real people and provide a solution to their real needs and desires.

The same goes for advertising; you don’t need a bunch of campaigns to start generating sales. In fact, you can start with just one campaign, one ad group, and one audience – just make sure the message in your ads, landing page, follow-ups, and presentation is relevant to your target audience!

For your reference, you can profitably scale a single ad campaign in the US to $3K per day or $90K a month pretty effortlessly (provided the sales system converts well). I consider this mid-scale for info products. That’s one campaign, one ad group, and one audience. ​​Simple enough?

4. Consistency

Do you know what’s more important than a sales system? You got it – focus and consistency!

A common mistake entrepreneurs make is jumping around too much. Instead of focusing on optimizing and scaling one campaign at a time, they run a bunch of different promos in a short period of time.

They generally do this because they feel their campaign isn’t working.​​

However, most worthwhile campaigns require time to optimize and scale. Scaling a campaign isn’t tweaking some targeting filters – it requires troubleshooting and optimizing the entire sales system from A to Z.

The goal? Achieving a desirable stable ROI – the monthly ROI you are able to maintain for at least three consecutive months.

5. Adaptability

In just the two years we’ve been running Vivek’s ad campaigns, we experienced it all, from hyper-growth and unprecedented returns to big crashes in performance and changes in the industry that forced us to pivot our strategy.

But guess what? Vivek remained consistent in his business and marketing efforts.

Don’t mistake adaptability for distraction; they are two different things!

When we pivoted with Vivek’s marketing, we did not change his entire business model or product line. We made adjustments to his sales system, offer structure, pricing, frequency of offers, and audience targeting.

The COVID years were terrible for most people, but it was a prosperous time for online coaches, including Vivek. The ROI we were able to generate with cold ads for Vivek during the pandemic was unprecedented – think north of 4X just on the front end on a low-ticket offer (anyone who promotes webinar funnels understands how impressive this is to achieve with cold ads).

Naturally, the pandemic ended, and consumer behavior normalized. Many coaches riding the COVID wave who were not wise enough to pivot when the time came got hit by surprise. It’s as if people stopped caring about buying their courses, even though the e-learning industry kept growing.

So, what was their problem?

They were spoiled by their COVID-era numbers, and they failed to recognize that the results they were having during the pandemic were not typical. This caused them to believe their business was doing better than it really was.

Here’s a quick business tip: You know your business is actually doing well when you are generating a positive ROI and growth in revenue without any external factors such as pandemics, special promos, or temporary viral trends.

Today, even at a lower front-end ROAS, Vivek’s revenue and profit are significantly higher than ever. I won’t share any specifics about Vivek’s business, but let’s just say his overall ROI is nothing short of impressive by all measures!

Closing Remarks

I sincerely hope you found these insights valuable for your business and will use them to crush it in 2024. Every Insider at Vavoza deserves to experience Vivek’s level of success, but if you want it, do whatever is necessary today!

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If you are serious about becoming a power marketer and scaling your business, then I don’t need to sell you on becoming a VIP member, do I?

But just so you know, Vivek is a VIP member 🙂 and I think you should become a VIP too.



Vlad Strizheus
Founder, Vavoza

Vlad Strizheus

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Subscribe to Vavoza Insider and receive actionable marketing tips, insights, and ideas in your email

Discover unique ways to get more leads and customers and grow your business faster and better!