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Think with Team Vavoza (March 2024)

Hey Insiders, it’s March, which means it’s time for another issue of Think with Team Vavoza – a monthly series in Vavoza Insider where our team members share their unique ideas, interesting perspectives, and helpful insights for your edification.

Enjoy today’s release, and feel free to read the previous editions of Think with Team Vavoza on demand on our site!

Think With Team Vavoza

Steph’s Thoughts

What’s happening, fellow marketers? Are you reading this while sipping on morning coffee, or maybe you just got done with your daily jog and are taking a minute to catch up on the news? 

Well, regardless, I’ve got a thought for you… Whether you’re in affiliate marketing or running your own digital marketing agency, I think this could be something to chew on.

Marketing and sales go hand in hand; however, advertising the product or service directly might come off as “too pushy” or “too salesy” for the current market.

Think telemarketing calls along the lines of, “Hi, we’d like to offer you an extended car warranty – are you interested?” If they got lucky and your phone did not identify them as scam-likely, the second you hear the first 3 words, you’ll probably hang up.

The same concept applies to any ads or cold interactions out there.

People nowadays are more attracted to brands that make them feel something, hopefully, something positive. With tech taking over the world and the “personal touch” slowly fading away, people lack emotional connections and human interactions.

Focusing on your consumers’ emotions will build a positive rapport and will almost guarantee you their loyalty.

Are there any brands that you prefer over other ones? Have you ever paused to ask yourself why?


Stephanie Hill
Content Writer, Vavoza

Vadim’s POV

I want to share an insight from the trenches of the Vavoza agency. We deal with many clients who run webinars, workshops, and masterclasses, and they get hundreds of leads (people) attending their sessions every week.

Occasionally, our clients get a “bad apple” in their sessions who leaves negative or hateful comments in the chat room during the presentation – this is inevitable, and it’s going to happen.

For some reason, some people like to focus on those few negative comments and get discouraged by them so much that they feel the need to change their entire marketing system. They focus more on the negative comments than all the sales coming in!

What I would like for you to take away from this is that whatever you do (in whatever niche), you will always have haters leaving negative comments or just saying negative things – whether it’s in a webinar chat room, on a YouTube video, or social media post.

Don’t let haters discourage you because, for every negative comment, there are 100 other people happy they found you and appreciate the content you share with them.

Remember, if you have haters, you’re probably doing something right!


Vadim Silchuk
Agency Manager, Vavoza

Vadim Silchuk

Vlad’s Insight

Insiders! I am so pumped to connect with all of you directly in our Think with Team Vavoza series!

Our team has already shared some great ideas with you in this edition, but I would like to add just one more quick tip for your consideration.

The other day, my lovely girlfriend and I were speeding 65ish MPH past a large retail strip mall along Interstate 29, and she pointed something out to me: The strip mall had a large billboard next to it, and the name of the retail center was written at the top of the billboard in LARGE LETTERS.

But there was a big problem with the billboard – whoever put it up decided to use a text color that made it extremely difficult to read the text!

In fact, if it weren’t pointed out to me, I would never have noticed the name written at the top of the billboard because it was blending in with the rest of the billboard.

And the worst part? I’ve driven past that damn billboard countless times and never noticed it once!

Where am I going with this? 👇

As entrepreneurs and marketers, when we create things, such as our websites, landing pages, promotional content, etc., we tend to be biased about how easy it is to spot and read certain details that we want our audience to notice.

The truth is, when you know a certain detail exists, you tend to notice it more effortlessly than someone who doesn’t know what to look for. Therefore, you should never assume that your audience notices what you notice and sees what you see when interacting with your business.

So, what is the solution to having a billboard that nobody but you can notice and read?


Ask everyone and anyone you interact with to give you feedback on all your new creations (for as long as they are willing to listen and care to respond). Hear people out, and allow yourself to see things from someone else’s unique and unbiased perspective.

Genuine feedback from unbiased consumers is more valuable than a bar of solid gold! After all, at the end of the day, you are serving other people, and your marketing messages and designs are meant for THEM – not you.

So, take another look at your creations, and start requesting unbiased feedback today. 🙂 And for more helpful marketing tips, insights, and ideas, subscribe to our free newsletter today!



Vlad Strizheus
Founder, Vavoza

Vlad Strizheus

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Discover unique ways to get more leads and customers and grow your business faster and better!

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Subscribe to Vavoza Insider and receive actionable marketing tips, insights, and ideas in your email

Discover unique ways to get more leads and customers and grow your business faster and better!