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Unique Black Friday Promo Ideas For Marketers: The QR Code Bonanza!

Black Friday is here now, and your feed is throbbing with deals as companies try to get some presales online, and shoppers everywhere are gearing up their engines for the biggest shopping weekend of the year! But why subject yourself to the madness of crowded malls and sold-out inventory when you can embark on an exciting QR code treasure hunt for the best Black Friday deals?

In this week’s release of Vavoza Insider, our goal is to inspire you and get your brain buzzin’ with unique promo ideas to make this Black Friday your biggest score yet.

Black Friday Promo Ideas

Black Friday 2023 is in Full Swing!

This Black Friday, brands are getting creative by hiding QR codes in quirky locations, sparking a hunt for exclusive discounts and prizes. Think of it as a high-tech scavenger hunt meets geocaching meets The Amazing Race. Simply scan the QR codes along the way to score savings and compete for the grand prize.

It’s Black Friday meets Capture the Flag!

Whether placed strategically in shopping malls, local businesses, or popular landmarks, these QR codes unleash a series of challenges, puzzles, and riddles. Scan each one to find clues leading to the next, like a map to buried savings. You might have to ask an employee for help or get creative with where you search. It’s all part of the fun!

You’ll uncover special one-time-use promo codes, early access to doorbuster deals, and VIP experiences along the way. Plus, every QR code scanned gets you one step closer to winning the ultimate grand prize…

…We’re talking big-ticket items like TVs, gaming consoles, trips, and maybe, just maybe, an irresistible offer for Vavoza Insider Plus.

Of course, no epic quest is complete without surprises and plot twists! Some QR codes could unlock secret flash challenges testing your product knowledge or brand trivia.

Others may reveal a funny meme or sassy GIF to give you a much-needed laugh between challenges because even diehard shoppers need some comic relief during the high-stakes pursuit of Black Friday booty!

These are just some of the many unique types of promos you’ll see from businesses this Black Friday season.

Pro Tips For Your Black Friday Promos

You’ve read what others are doing, but what kind of promos will YOU run this year? How will you take advantage of this high purchase-intent time of the year to boost your sales and revenue?

Your head is probably already full of ideas after reading the previous section, but here are some more tips for your consideration:

  • Teasers: To build buzz and excitement pre-launch, consider dropping a cryptic teaser across social media. Think of close-up visuals of QR codes in curious locations. Where could they lead? What treasures might they unlock? Let the speculations and theories run wild!

  • Leverage the Influencers: Enlist influencers to provide “insider tips” on where some QR codes might be hiding on your site (or physical location) and the types of challenges that await. Their “leaked intel” adds to the intrigue and gives shoppers an edge.

  • User-Generated Content: What better way to spread the word than with user-generated content from participants? Encourage shoppers to post photos posing with discovered QR codes using a branded hashtag. Their real-time posts will stir up FOMO and drive others to join the hunt!

  • QR Code Rotation: Once launched, you can continually restock QR codes so there’s a steady stream of new treasures to find. You can also introduce daily bonus challenges for extra savings opportunities. Check out Vavoza’s previous release on QR Code Marketing for even more unique and fun promo ideas!

More Food For A Marketer’s Thought

The QR code hunt makes Black Friday shopping feel like an interactive adventure rather than an exhausting chore. Each discovery rewards shoppers with exclusive deals and brings them one step closer to scoring the grand prize.

Your brand benefits from increased engagement, website traffic, and brand exposure.

Compared to static flyers or plain social media posts, surprise and excitement drive shopper participation. And the user-generated content creates organic buzz and word-of-mouth promotion. So unlock your phone and get ready to hunt for QR codes this Black Friday, and if you’re a modern marketer, get ready to get your QR codes scanned!

With the right strategy and tools like QR Code Generator by Bitly, you can channel that holiday shopping mania into interactive experiences that make marketing memorable. Make marketing campaigns great again!

Oh, and just be sure to come armed with a charged battery pack because this digital scavenger hunt requires maximum QR scanning stamina.

In Closing… A Quick B2B Black Friday Idea

If you offer cloud-based services, consider partnering with local businesses and running Black Friday QR promos on their behalf, as we are sure they will love the extra traffic in-store and to their socials!

If you bring a unique idea to a business owner and then deliver remarkable results with your marketing efforts, you may open the door for more collaborations and win-win opportunities.

Effective creativity in marketing is rare and valued by brands and companies. Be the creative marketing genius for your business and/or others this Black Friday, and go crush it.

For more tips and tricks to ensure your marketing prowess remains on the cutting edge, consider joining our free newsletter here at Vavoza and we’ll deliver value into your inbox weekly.

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Subscribe to Vavoza Insider and receive actionable marketing tips, insights, and ideas in your email

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Subscribe to Vavoza Insider and receive actionable marketing tips, insights, and ideas in your email

Discover how to get more leads and customers on demand!