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Unleashing the Power of Other People’s People (OPP) with UGC

Once upon a time, in the not-so-distant past, brands held a monopoly over their content. It was a simpler era when marketers dictated the narrative, shaping stories around their products and services. Enter the digital age, and voila! A wild, new phenomenon emerged: User Generated Content (UGC). And who would have thought that Other People’s People (OPP) could play a pivotal role in this revolution?

UGC that is hot in the algorithm gives a marketer the ability to ride the wave to reach Other People’s People (OPP) for FREE. OPP are the eyeballs generated by the extended network of your followers once User Generated Content is reacted to. OPP is like your followers’ followers. Essentially, you leverage someone else’s viral content by creating “reaction content” about it. Doing so, the algorithms allow you to surf the wave of the viral UGC that you’re “reacting” to in your content, allowing your content to be seen by a lot of new eyeballs. It’s like playing a game of digital dominoes, where one follower knocks over the next, creating a chain reaction of content creation.

other peoples people

Reacting to viral UGC to get a boost from the algorithms is one approach- there’s another side to this strategy. Imagine having an army of content creators at your disposal who generate content on your behalf and spread it like wildfire in their own networks. Sounds like a marketer’s dream, right? OPP is your ticket to virality and high engagement.

Remember the last viral dance challenge? Or that funny cat meme that was everywhere? OPP played a significant role in making those trends explode. When one user creates content, and their network of followers amplifies it, it’s like setting a viral trend time bomb, just waiting to explode. For instance, remember the “Ice Bucket Challenge?” It started as a modest fundraiser for ALS, but thanks to OPP, it snowballed into a worldwide sensation, with celebrities and ordinary people alike dumping buckets of ice water over their heads. Some estimates suggest that the Ice bucket challenge raised $115 million in 2014 in the US alone. Can you say ice-cold cha-ching!?

Who doesn’t love a good meme? OPP often leads to creating hilarious memes that spread through social media platforms like wildfire. Ever wondered why some memes just seem never to go away? Well, we have OPP to thank for that. They’re the kindling that keeps the meme-fire burning! And it’s not just memes. Comedy skits created and shared by users, especially on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, often gain traction thanks to OPP. It’s like having your own virtual network where the audience also happens to be the performers.

Pro Tips:

  1. Trend, React, or Report: Look for trending videos and audio, and videos with tons of views on social media “explore” or “discover” pages. The easiest way to tap into OPP from viral UGC is just to repost the content on your own social media pages and channels. But what’s more powerful is to do a side-by-side reaction, where you react to it with facial expressions and have your brand’s handle, hashtags, website, or a call-to-action (CTA) visible on your side of the screen the entire time.

  1. Overdependence on OPP: Now, let’s not get too carried away. OPP can be a powerful tool for driving reach using UGC, but like any tool, it can be misused. Over-reliance on OPP can lead to an echo chamber, where the same ideas get recycled, and originality suffers.

  1. The Risk of Losing Originality: While OPP is great for amplifying content, relying solely on OPP might strip your brand of its unique voice. Imagine going to a party where everyone speaks in the same tone and tells the same jokes. Not so fun, right?

  1. Balancing OPP and Original Content: The trick is to strike a balance between leveraging OPP and creating original content. It’s like making a delicious stew: while OPP provides the bulk of the ingredients, your brand’s unique voice adds that secret spice that sets it apart.

  1. Creating a Winning UGC Strategy with OPP: The key to a successful UGC strategy is understanding when and how to harness the power of OPP. Remember, OPP is a means to an end, not the end itself. Use it to drive engagement, ride viral trends, and amplify your content, but never lose sight of your unique brand voice.

Leveraging OPP in your marketing strategy is like tapping into a goldmine of creativity, engagement, and potential virality. But as with any tool, use it wisely. Let OPP be the wind beneath your wings, but remember that you’re the one who needs to fly! For more unique marketing tips and insights to grow your business fast, subscribe to Vavoza Insider today!

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Discover unique ways to get more leads and customers and grow your business faster and better!

Join Vavoza Insider!

Subscribe to Vavoza Insider and receive actionable marketing tips, insights, and ideas in your email

Discover unique ways to get more leads and customers and grow your business faster and better!