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Shameless Selling: A Mutual Understanding Between the Seller and the Buyer

When you walk into a grocery store, do you feel upset at the store for selling you stuff? Not really, right? You may be disappointed about the prices of certain products being too high, and be constantly on the lookout for a better deal elsewhere, but it’s fair to say that you don’t feel “upset” at the store for offering you a large variety of products to purchase in exchange for your hard-earned cash, right?

So why is it that when it comes to selling stuff to people online, some entrepreneurs feel that people are “upset” at them when they sell them stuff? 🤔

We know this from first-hand experience in our agency – some of our clients are uncomfortable with adding order bumps and upsells to their sales funnels and refuse to sell more stuff to their customers immediately after they complete the initial purchase. In other words, they experience a slightly more confident form of sales phobia. They are able to sell one product effectively, but they feel “bad” about making that sale and, therefore, feel uncomfortable selling more products to the same customer.

Shameless Selling

Think about it: if you have something truly valuable to offer, why wouldn’t you offer it to your customers? Why would you not want to bring value into someone’s life, considering it’s completely optional for them to take your offer? Are you selling in-demand products, or is what you offer actually worth being “upset” about?

Insiders! Your unfounded sales phobia may be costing you a yacht-worth of money and preventing you from impacting your target market in a much more meaningful way! It’s time we help you unshackle your tamed selling-machine of a mind and help you reach your maximum potential in your business and life. It’s time you understand one of the most powerful sales concepts in existence – shameless selling.

To be able to sell shamelessly to maximize your potential, you must acknowledge and accept a fundamental truth: someone is always selling, and someone is always buying. In every transaction, you’re either the business or the consumer. This is basic commerce. And guess what? People expect you to sell stuff to them, and they are willing to pay for your stuff in return for the value it offers to them, whether it’s an advancement in knowledge (what a course offers), increased productivity and efficiency (what software offers), or simply enjoyable entertainment (what a movie offers). And who said people are only willing to pay for one single product that brings them value?!

If you believe in the value of what you offer – don’t be afraid to sell it without any hesitation or reservation; sell with no shame! Selling shamelessly means selling constantly without discrimination and without seller’s remorse. Sell a lot of stuff, again and again, to your leads, customers, and even your mother! (Maybe not that last one… hook your mom up with your awesome product for free!) 🙂

Ladies and gentlemen, we say this with the most sincere intentions. This is not some brutal sales technique for cold and heartless entrepreneurs- this is how effective selling is done. This is how a marketing funnel becomes scalable and how some businesses achieve massive success while others are constantly fighting an uphill battle and on the brink of failure. We know this from first-hand experience from running hundreds of campaigns and managing millions of dollars in ad spend.

If you genuinely want to impact your target market, you must first impact your own business and become a force to be reckoned with. It’s much easier to impact other people on a large scale once you make (and have) more money, which requires selling something to someone over and over again!

Pro Tips:

  • Add-on like a Pro: When your lead is about to buy your thing, throw in a quick “add-on” to their order- something that complements your main offer. This is known as cross-selling. Imagine you’re at a furniture store buying a kitchen table, and the salesperson offers you a deal on the chairs to go with (and match with) the table. Or imagine you are on a checkout page buying an ebook, and you get offered to add an audio version of the book to your order.

  • Upsell with No Shame: You sold your initial offer – congrats! Now sell something else to your customer that’s even more expensive. You can do this immediately after the initial purchase (on the thank-you page) or later on in the marketing funnel (depending on how your funnel is set up), but don’t forget to sell something at a bare minimum twice or 3X the price of the original product that your customers bought! And you guessed right, repeat this again and again for as long as you have something to sell and your customers are willing to pay for it!

  • Down-sell to the moon: It sounds a bit strange to put “down” and “the moon” in the same phrase, doesn’t it? Well, down-selling has one primary objective – to squeeze the last penny out of your buyer and maximize ROI. If your customer refuses your upsell, sell them a less expensive offer that they may be more likely to buy. And again, you guessed correctly, upsell them on something again!

Remember to sell without discrimination. Never assume your product is “not the right fit” for someone unless you deliberately only work with a certain type of customer for a very specific reason. You have no way of knowing whether your solution will bring value to someone’s life (unless you know you’re selling a poo-poo product).

You are not a thug forcing someone to give you their money at gunpoint, so tell your subconscious mind to stop feeling that way. You are an honest entrepreneur who sells top-notch stuff that brings a lot of value to someone, and it’s up to them to determine if they are willing to pay for what you offer. No more sales phobia, Insiders! By the way, consider sharpening these essential skills that every marketer must have.

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Discover unique ways to get more leads and customers and grow your business faster and better!

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Subscribe to Vavoza Insider and receive actionable marketing tips, insights, and ideas in your email

Discover unique ways to get more leads and customers and grow your business faster and better!