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Emotional Marketing: The Art Of “Selling The Dream”

Porsche markets the feelings of premium comfort and high performance. Disneyland drives the sales machine by promoting fun, excitement, and joy. Luxury real estate agents sell the lifestyle, not homes (unless they are amateurs)…

All three categories mentioned stay consistent with the quality and feelings they bring to you throughout the years of being in business.

You might say, “At the end of the day, they profit from selling a product,” and you would be right. However, the magic happens in the marketing of that product. Without marketing (promoting consistent results, quality, and, most importantly, feelings), there would be no final sale.

Emotional Marketing: The Art Of “Selling The Dream”

Think of it this way:

  • Porsche’s customers fall in love with the idea of driving a 911 down PCH by Malibu and with the thought that everyone knows what kind of car they drive just by the sound of it.

  • Luxury home buyers fall in love with the image of themselves entering a high-end neighborhood and having a drink by their resort-style pool with their family, friends, or associates.

  • Disneyland goers smile at the thought of their children having a blast holding hands with Mickey Mouse and Cinderella – and they fall in love with that, too!

In other words, once people are in love with a certain feeling, they buy the product, service, or experience that prompted that feeling!

A similar concept applies if you sell a product or service that alleviates or eliminates someone’s big problem. Instead of describing how great your product or service is, let your audience imagine how great their life would be once their problem is eliminated – sell the feeling of relief that comes with your solution.

Below are some pro tips to help you increase your revenue by focusing on selling the dream or the solution instead of your product or service!

Emotional Marketing: The Art Of “Selling The Dream”

Pro Tips For Selling The Dream:

  • Identify Pains, Needs, or Dreams: Depending on your target audience, they are either hurting from something or dreaming of something, and identifying that “something” will give you an idea of what feeling to emphasize in your content, email campaigns, sales calls, and other marketing tactics.

  • Hook Within 5 Seconds: As we often emphasize in Vavoza Insider, your visual content should always catch your viewers’ attention within the first 5 seconds. Our world is full of an overwhelming amount of information (and it updates by the second).

    So, if you want to capture viewers, your video better be catchy from the get-go. Hook your viewers with educational, inspirational, or entertaining content, then sell them the dream!

  • Less Hype, More Value: Do not overpromise and never underdeliver. In fact, we would argue that you should strive for the opposite – underpromise and overdeliver.

    Consistency builds trust with your customers and maintains your reputation. We encourage you to constantly strive to improve your products, services, and brand, but at the very least, maintain the quality of your product or service.

    Trust is one of the most essential feelings your customers should experience when dealing with your brand; excitement, joy, comfort, and relief come secondary to trust!

Closing Remarks

Knowing your target audience and their dreams or pains gives you the “power to use it against them”… for their own good, of course, ha-ha. 😄

We hope this issue of Vavoza Insider inspired you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Consider running polls on social media, asking your audience questions that prompt them to explore their emotions, and conducting independent research.

Once you know how your audience feels or what they fantasize about, you can heighten their excitement (or push on their pain points) and sell them their own dream (or relieve them from pain) – this is what we in the marketing biz call Emotional Marketing.

For more valuable marketing tips and insights, subscribe to Vavoza Insider, and let’s help you achieve your business, marketing, and life goals faster and better!

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Subscribe to Vavoza Insider and receive actionable marketing tips, insights, and ideas in your email

Discover how to get more leads and customers on demand!