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How To Get More Video Views With “Founder Reacts” Videos

If staying top of mind in your customers’ minds is your priority, then finding innovative ways to connect with your audience and humanize your brand is a powerful route. In this edition of Vavoza Insider, we present to you the idea of “Founder Reacts” videos.

In Founder Reacts videos, the brains behind the brand (aka, you) are recorded on video while you watch and comment on user-generated content featuring your product. This humanizes your brand, showcases your passion, and fosters a direct connection with consumers.

The objective is for you to take center stage through Founder Reacts videos and address common concerns, celebrate successes, inject humor, and ultimately boost engagement and brand loyalty. This tactic also allows you to tap into branded keywords and leverage their search volume to generate organic video views. Not to mention, adding these kinds of videos to your channel/profile presents an opportunity to diversify your content (spice it up once in a while).

If you are an affiliate marketer promoting other companies’ products, you can still implement this tactic but with one small tweak: Position yourself as the product expert and speak from a position of being an experienced user rather than the owner of the product.

Finally, if you are simply trying to generate more video views without being the founder or affiliate of the product, position yourself as a unique personality with insightful or entertaining input on the product. In the next section, we’ll share some ideas on how to find viral content for you to leverage to boost your organic reach.

Get More Video Views

How To Find Viral Content

Finding engaging content to react to is essential for creating compelling Founder Reacts videos. Here are some of the best ways to discover content to react to, whether it’s content about your brand and products or someone else’s:

1) Social Media Platforms

Explore popular social media platforms for videos like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Search for relevant hashtags or keywords related to your industry, niche, or product. Use social listening tools like Mention to identify user-generated content featuring your product or other relevant terms.

2) Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Visit your product listings on e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy and your review-collecting platforms like Trustpilot to find customer reviews and testimonials. Look for heartfelt or detailed reviews that showcase the user’s experience with your product. Showcase these reviews in your reaction videos.

3) Google Alerts

Set up Google Alerts for your brand name or product keywords. This way, you’ll receive notifications whenever new content related to your brand is published online.

4) Community Forums and Blogs

Participate in online forums like Reddit and communities related to your industry or niche. Members often share their experiences and reviews. Also, google industry-specific blogs and websites for articles and reviews mentioning your product.

5) User-Generated Content Submissions

Encourage your customers to submit their content to you. Collect submissions with Typeform or use a specific hashtag for public submissions on social media. Offer incentives such as giveaways or discounts to encourage users to share their content.

6) Collaborate with Influencers

Partner with influencers in your industry who regularly create content related to your niche. Influencers can provide you with access to their followers’ content and may be open to collaborative reactions. Use BuzzSumo to find influencers in your niche.

7) Monitor Competitors

Keep an eye on your competitors’ social media channels and websites. If they are reacting to user-generated content, it can inspire your own videos.

  • YouTube’s Trending Feed showcases trending and viral videos on the platform. You can filter by location to find content that’s popular in specific regions.

  • X’s Trending Topics highlight the platform’s most talked-about subjects and hashtags. You can tailor your reactions to current X trends.

  • Instagram’s Explore curates popular posts, videos, and hashtags based on your interests. It’s an excellent source for finding viral content.

  • TikTok’s Discover showcases trending videos and challenges. You can find viral content and join in on current trends.

  • Google Trends provides insights into the popularity of search queries over time. You can discover what topics are trending and create reactions around them.

  • Subreddits like r/popular, r/videos, r/funny, and r/aww often feature viral videos and entertaining content. Explore these subreddits to find potential reaction material.

Closing Remarks

Remember that while searching for content to react to, choosing content that aligns with your brand’s values and resonates with your target audience is crucial. Additionally, always seek permission or give proper credit when using someone else’s content in your reaction videos to respect copyright and intellectual property rights.

Plan your reaction videos in advance by creating a content calendar using Buffer. This allows you to align your reactions with upcoming events, holidays, or product launches and streamline your process.

Founder Reacts videos have become a powerful tool for entrepreneurs and marketers to take center stage in the digital realm. By showing the faces and personalities behind your products, you can truly build a lasting and meaningful relationship with your audience.

Ultimately, sticking power is what you are after, so do yourself a huge favor and stay glued to Vavoza Insider and Vavoza Insider Plus for more top-tier marketing tips to help you grow your business in 2024 and beyond!

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Discover unique ways to get more leads and customers and grow your business faster and better!

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Subscribe to Vavoza Insider and receive actionable marketing tips, insights, and ideas in your email

Discover unique ways to get more leads and customers and grow your business faster and better!